The digital revolution has completely transformed the finance industry, with some of the biggest changes and disruption being led by the blockchain technology. This technology is challenging traditional players and forcing them to re-examine their role in the payment ecosystem. Distributed ledgers, or blockchains, have the potential to significantly impact business models, reduce risks and save cost and capital.

In such a scenario, it becomes imperative to stay aware of what financial institutions are currently doing with this technology and the possible use cases and case studies of this innovative technology specifically for financial institutions. In an effort to facilitate the successful adoption and integration this technology, UMS Conferences, in association with Blockchain Academy, has launched a Master Class on Blockchain for Financial Institutions.

The Blockchain Academy’s presenter, Carel de Jager, explored topics such as centralised vs. decentralised blockchains, use cases and opportunities for financial institutions, bitcoin compliance and regulation. The training was attended by some of the leading financial institutions in Oman such as Central Bank of Oman, Ahli Bank, Alizz Islamic Bank, Bank Muscat, Meethaq and Al Shirawi Group UAE (Oasis Investments) among others.

Founded in 2015, UMS Conferences is a wholly owned subsidiary of UMS International, a multinational media company and publisher of Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East. Alpana Roy, Executive Vice-President at UMS Group said the initiative is aimed at equipping the finance sector with the knowledge of latest technologies.