The Blockchain Academy was honoured to be invited by the Graduate School of Business to present a guest lecture for two hours on 17 August 2017, to the Master of Commerce students. The instructor explained the basics of bitcoin and it’s underlying technology, the blockchain and how this technology is being used by various organisations around the world to innovate existing systems and processes as well as how it is creating new opportunities from crowd funding and ICO’s, to payments and remittances, to tracking and provenance of assets and proving ownership of property. The instructor discussed how various countries such as Japan and South Korea have legalised bitcoin and how other countries are viewing bitcoin in particular.

The students asked many interesting and pertinent questions regarding how cryptocurrencies are disrupting traditional finance models and what the future holds for this exciting technology. Others questions posed to the instructor included;
– if cryptocurrency will ever completely replace fiat currency, and if so, by when?
– what exactly does the term pseudonymity mean?
– why will there ever only be 21 million bitcoin?
– how would one acquire bitcoin after 2140?
– how to create your own cryptocurrency/token?

It was great to see an academic institution such as the University of Cape Town providing the opportunity to educate its students on one of the most disruptive technologies of our time!