The Blockchain Academy currently offers 3 courses online, namely the Bitcoin and Blockchain Beginner Course, Blockchain Advanced Course and Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners Course.

The online courses are held directly with the instructor via Google Hangouts.

The next online courses are as follows:

Bitcoin and Blockchain Beginner Course

This course is for individuals who are new to digital currencies and blockchain technology. The course covers the basics of money, bitcoin 101, how to sell, buy, send, receive and safely store bitcoin, blockchain 101, bitcoin mining and transactions, using bitcoin, bitcoin wallet security, compliance and regulation. The course highlights the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and demonstrates what companies are doing with this technology.

15 February 2018

Online Training

Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners Course

This course will provide individuals with the foundational knowledge required to navigate the cryptocurrency markets and as such will be suitable for the complete novice trader that wishes to engage with the world of online trading. Attendees will learn everything from basic trading terminology to how to actually place orders via a broker using a trading platform or directly from an exchange. A large part of the course will focus on the practical side of using a trading platform, understanding the different order types and how to execute those orders in real time in a simulated account.

26 February 2018

Online Training

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