Technologies to strengthen the South African blockchain ecosystem

Online: 26 November 2020

We invite you to join the academy, the Israel Trade Mission in South Africa, The Israel Export Institute and the South African Blockchain Alliance (SANBA) for a live FREE webinar on ‘Technologies to strengthen the South African blockchain ecosystem’.

The focus of the event will be on:
– security of blockchain-based assets
– public blockchain infrastructure development
– crypto-asset compliance and risk monitoring solutions

Who should attend?

The event will be of interest to anyone interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and in particular for:

  • Crypto enthusiasts
  • Traders
  • Investors
  • Venture capitalists
  • Developers
  • Security specialists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Payment providers
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Corporates interested to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
Guest speakers from GK8, Solidus and ORBS.

Participation is free, but requires pre-registration.