Blockchain and Connected Devices: The Growth of IoT and Blockchain Course

On demand: Groups of 10 or more

The aim of this course is to provide individuals with the basic understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, connected devices and the third major wave of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology and IoT is rapidly advancing. Do you want to know how IoT connected devices and blockchain-based IoT solutions are well suited for simplifying business processes, improving customer experience and achieving significant cost efficiencies?

The future of blockchain technology and the transfer of decentralized value will (unfortunately or fortunately) be majorly between machines. There needs to be a way for those machines to communicate together. In addition, blockchain technologies, as they currently stand do a poor job of verifying information off-chain to verify events on-chain. The interoperability between blockchain technology and the off-chain external world is still extremely poor. There are major advancements, but smart contracts and other blockchain technologies are notoriously deficient at proving and verifying events off-chain. Despite this limitation, the future of this technology will be in its ability to verify events off-chain and execute terms of contracts/relationships on-chain between parties.

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  • 09:00am – 14:30pm
  • Catering included
  • Blockchain Academy classroom
  • Course material provided
  • No laptop required
  • Blockchain Academy Certificate of Completion
  • No prior knowledge or experience of bitcoin or the blockchain is required

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Module 1: Waves of Blockchain Technology

Module 2: The Importance of Ultimate Scalability

Module 3: IOTA and the Future of IoT Based Blockchain Technologies

Module 4: Use Case – Impact Investing and Water in Cape Town