Bitcoin and Blockchain Beginner Course

In partnership with Paxful, peer-to-peer marketplace to buy and sell bitcoin with 300+ payment methods

18 August 2020: Online via GoToWebinar

The Blockchain Academy, in partnership with Paxful, will be hosting the Bitcoin and Blockchain Beginner Course for FREE!

There is a lot of excitement lately about the opportunities that cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology, the blockchain offers. From trading, investing, mining or using the technology to streamline existing systems and processes, the opportunities most definitely exist.

The Bitcoin and Blockchain Beginner course is for individuals who are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The course covers the basics of money, bitcoin and the blockchain, how to use bitcoin: buy and sell bitcoin; send and receive bitcoin; and how to store bitcoin in a wallet, bitcoin and wallet security, compliance and regulation, use cases and opportunities this technology provides. It also includes alternatives to bitcoin and the Bitcoin blockchain.

The outcome of this course is to provide individuals with a general overview of bitcoin and blockchain technology. This course provides attendees with an insight into the future of this technology in terms of innovation and disruption of existing traditional systems and processes.

Price: FREE

All are welcome to attend!


  • No previous understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is required
  • An interest in bitcoin and blockchain technology
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  • Price: FREE
  • This course is held online from 11:00am – 15:00pm SAST with short breaks in between
  • Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course

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In Partnership with Paxful

Paxful is the leading peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace where buyers and sellers are connected for business. Having over 300 payment methods available on Paxful makes it incredibly easy to find suitable offers.

We give the users complete control over their money. … Upon sign up, Paxful users are given a FREE wallet.

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Module 1: Introduction

  • Navigating a new financial paradigm
  • Digital currencies explained
  • History of Bitcoin
  • Understanding the Bitcoin blockchain

Module 2: Down the Rabbit Hole

  • How bitcoin mining works
  • Sending / receiving bitcoin: transaction demo and tracking
  • The pseudo-anonymity of bitcoin
  • Safely storing bitcoin: wallets and keys
  • Crypto inheritance planning
  • Bitcoin use cases and opportunities
  • Staying safe: How to protect yourself from scams
  • Bitcoin pricing and volatility

Module 3: The Future of Blockchain

  • Smart contracts and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO’s)
  • Bitcoin for remittances in emerging economies
  • Innovation for financial and non-financial institutions

Module 4: Introducing Paxful

  • Getting to know Paxful
  • Creating an account on Paxful
  • How to buy bitcoin
  • How to sell bitcoin
  • Using Paxful in your daily lives
  • Paxful Social Good
  • Build your own crypto business with the Paxful Peer Program

Carel de Jager

Lead Instructor at the Blockchain Academy

Modibe Matsepane

Africa Community Coordinator at Paxful