Blockchain for Insurance Course

In collaboration with the African Leadership University and ALU School of Insurance

On demand: For groups of 10 or more

Program Description

How will blockchain impact the insurance industry?

This 2-day masterclass is for non-developers, senior managers and executives from the insurance industry who want to gain a solid understanding of blockchain as well as the implications and opportunities for the insurance sector.

Program Summary

Day 1: The lay of the land
This introduction will provide a broad, non-technical overview of distributed ledger technologies, how they work, prospects for scale and why they have disruptive potential.

Day 2: Blockchain in the wild
This day focuses on use cases for blockchain, zooming into insurance applications. Employing a design thinking approach, participants will identifying opportunities to use the blockchain in their organisations.


  • No previous understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is required
  • An interest in how blockchain technology can impact the insurance industry


R11,500 Discounted to R8,500 p/p

Learning Outcomes

Day 1

  • Get a high-level understanding of the course content flow
  • Understand the definition of trust in conventional financial systems
  • Compare the strengths and weaknesses of blockchains in relation to normal databases
  • Recognise the high-level architecture of a blockchain
  • Define “consensus” and “immutability” in a blockchain context
  • Be aware of basic blockchain-related cryptography
  • Define a “digital asset” and know the dissimilarities to conventional assets
  • Understand how a digital asset can be recorded and audited on the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Understand the risks and costs of asset tokenisation
  • Understand why scaling blockchains are problematic
  • Name benefits and drawbacks/tradeoffs of using the blockchain at scale
  • Define “smart contract” and name their advantages, limitations, and risks

Day 2

  • Be able to recognise and to give 1 example of a “know your customer” blockchain
  • Understand how a blockchain enables immutable timestamps
  • Identify digital assets that can be recorded on the blockchain
  • Explain the relevance of digital assets to the insurance industry
  • Explain how the blockchain changes the nature of ownership
  • Understand how a blockchain can automate insurance policies
  • Know how to implement smart contracts
  • Know how to process real-world data in an automated insurance product
  • Explain how blockchain might influence the insurance industry
  • Identify areas for future R&D
  • Be in a position to reap the benefits of blockchain at the right time
More Information
  • Price: R11,500 Discounted to R8,500 p/p
  • Price can vary depending on where the course is hosted
  • This is a 2-day course from 09:00am – 16:00pm each day
  • Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided
  • The training can be hosted online or at our clients offices (depending on the location)
  • Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion

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