Blockchain Executive Training

In partnership with The Field Institute and supported by the South African National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA)

On demand (Groups of 10 or more): Online via GoToWebinar

The Blockchain Academy, in partnership with The Field Institute host the Blockchain Executive Training over 3 days from 09:00-11:30am each day.

Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining traction, but the majority of senior executives (63%) still don’t know what it is, according to a Global Blockchain Business Council survey reported in Cointelegraph.

The global blockchain market is expected to increase by 80% between 2018 and 2023, from $1.2 billion to $23.3 billion, according to ReportLinker.

The most significant advantage of blockchains distributed ledger is reduced operational cost and streamlined efficiency which provides transparency, reliability and authenticity. Blockchain technology is undoubtedly here to stay and will change the face of business as we know it in the next few years. With our training and consulting, the Blockchain Academy prepares both the private and public sector for this disruption.


The outcome of this training is to provide attendees with a general overview of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The course provides a good foundational knowledge of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology work, what they can be used for and why they are viewed as being so innovative and disruptive.

The training provides an overview of some important use-cases for blockchain technology in the public and private sectors.

The session will help attendees understand the importance of this technology in terms of building and using permissionless technology.

It will provide attendees with an insight into the future of this technology in terms of innovation and disruption of existing traditional systems and processes as well as how attendees can leverage the benefits of this technology in their own field of work.

Attendees will be exposed to case studies and the work of key experts in the field, from blockchain in health, food tracking, digital identity and insurance.

This course has a theoretical basis, but also includes discussions, tutorials and practicals to ensure each attendee attains an adequate knowledge base to make high-level decisions with regards to blockchain in their organisations.


  • No previous understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is required
  • An interest in blockchain technology
  • You will be required to download and launch the GoToOpener app prior to the session
    Read more about the app here
  • A good internet connection

Price: R1,500 per person (including vat)

More Information
  • The cost is R1,500 (incl. vat) per person.
    Email Nazley at for more info.
  • Date and Time: As requested by client: 09:00am – 11:30am SAST each day
  • Online via GoToWebinar: link will be shared with you once you have registered

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Supported by the South African National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA)

The South African Blockchain Alliance (SANBA) is a distributed, decentralised and autonomous network of blockchain ecosystem players, consisting of government, academia, business, start-ups and civil society. The aim is to connect the SA blockchain community to optimally leverage this linked ecosystem to move blockchain forward in SA. It will actively assist existing initiatives such the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium (SAFBC), the Intergovernmental Financial Working Group (IFWG), the Blockchain Entrepreneurship Club of South Africa (BECSA) and others. The ultimate objective is to create a supportive innovation environment so that South Africa emerges as the blockchain innovation hub of Africa.

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DAY 1 and DAY 2

Module 1: Blockchain: What and Why

  • The evolution of money
  • History of Bitcoin
  • How financial systems and banking works
  • Live Bitcoin transaction demo and analysis
  • Basics of blockchain technology

Module 2: Blockchain Deep Dive

  • Security and risks
  • Mining
  • Blockchain and real-world data
  • Decentralised trust, consensus and immutability
  • Demo: Recording a digital asset on the blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • Permissioned vs. permissionless networks


Conceptualize your own use-case for blockchain within your organisation.
Prepare a 5-minute pitch for Day 3.


Module 3: Use-Cases

  • Time-stamping
  • Document provenance
  • Payments, remittances and financial inclusion
  • Insurance
  • Transparency, audit and fraud reduction
  • Digital assets and conveyancing
  • Health
  • Self-Sovereign Identity
  • Voting and Governance

Use-Case Presentations

Each participant will have time to present their use-case from Day 2.
The training facilitator and instructor will give feedback on the technical feasibility of each use-case.


Module 4: The Future

  • The internet of money
  • Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)


Blockchain in Insurance


Monica Singer

Creator of Opportunities at ConsenSys

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)


Gary de Beer

Application Development Specialist at BankservAfrica

Blockchain in Health


Dr. Ntuthuko Bhengu

Founder and Executive Chairman, Alchemy Health Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Blockchain-Based Food Tracking


Mervyn George

Innovation Strategy Lead for Africa at SAP

Facilitators and Instructor 

Barbara Dale-Jones

Founding Partner and Director at The Field Institute

Alison Jacobson

Director of The Field Institute

Carel de Jager

Lead Instructor at the Blockchain Academy